Thank you so much Margaret!  I have been singing your praises all over many towns.  "This is more than a facial folks.  You will feel loved and cared for and peaceful and calm."  I haven''t looked like this in years.  You made my face glow. I cannot wait to return in March. Thank you a million times!
Gina Rasmussen, Wellsboro  PA  
The Thai Massage was a WOW experience for me. It was comfortable, relaxing and effective. I was impressed by the story of the origin and philosophy of Thai Massage you gave before the session began. This explanation described the self-healing aspect of the Thai philosophy and described the Sen Lines or energy meridians of the body. With this description I was able to feel those lines as the massage progressed. You also asked about the trouble spots of my body. I described the chronic sciatica with it's origin at my right lower back. You were able to work this area in a way that relieved that pain for several days now. How great is that!
The massage environment you create in the room had a very positive effect on the experience for me. The music, lighting and furniture arrangement are perfect.
As well, since Thai Massage is so much about personal contact and personal space, your countenance and skill in this regard is so inviting and comfortable. You made me feel like I belonged to that experience. Thank you so much for your healing hands.
I have also given gratitude each day since to the teachers in my life. Yesterday's teacher was my grandmother on my dad's side. Thank you for reminding me that I didn't get here alone. There were so many dimensions of the whole experience that have stayed with me.
Theresa Ritter, Mansifield, PA 

I have never felt more pampered, my facial was a wonderful experience. It was a birthday gift to myself and I could not have chosen more wisely. My sister in law saw me last weekend and noticed the difference after just one visit. My skin looks clearer and brighter. You can tell Margaret you love what you do and it comes across in the attention and care you give. Looking forward to my next facial!!
Jane Zink, Mansfield, PA
OMG, I am STILL glowing!  I went to yoga last night and told EVERYONE how incredible you were and they all saw my glow and you can be sure, sister darling, that Yogarians will be coming your way!  Holy moly. That facial was like nothing I have ever experienced. You are a total pro and a total inspiration and a total wonder! You walk the talk and you live the life and I bow to you.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  I tried my new brushy thing this morning, and my Amber stuff and wowza. I am totally new.  Wear sunglasses the next time you see me because my glow is kinda blinding.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Love and kisses! Mwah!
Kathleen Thompson,  Mansfield  PA
Been home about a hour keep going to the mirror my face looks great ...
Deb Pier, Morris  PA
About six weeks ago I treated myself and a friend to our first facials. The experience was indeed a treat. The studio was warm and inviting and although I have been intimidated by such personal care throughout my lifetime every consideration was made by Margaret to to make us feel relaxed and to "get into" the pampering. Even at this age I have skin breakouts similar to those of a teenager. In the weeks since the treatment I have not had a single blemish. All of my expectations were met with regard to this experience. I look forward to my next appointment.
Theresa Ritter, Wellsboro PA
I just wanted to let you know my face has a new face!!!! Thanks so much for your special touch.....you are amazing!! Have told a few people about you and your services!
Katie Miller,  Wellsboro  PA
Just wanted to pass this on to you.  When I returned home last night, Joe was in his recliner.  He asked how my appointment went and as I was telling him he said "I don't know how to word it but you look..."  and he couldn't think of the word...the he said "healthy..you look healthy..no thats not quite saying it..rosey..yea that's it you look rosey... and it is very beautiful"  He's always great to me but that was just neat...I just wanted you to know what a difference you make in our lives!
Jean Wilcox, Gaines PA

If you have not already visited Eye Look Good in Wellsboro, you have missed an opportunity of indulgence and improved incredible skin. Margaret Landis has combined her clinical skills with a true beauty treatment to give you the ultimate facial. Her price is completely affordable given the extensiveness of the treatment. The facial I received far exceeds any other facial I have had and am looking forward to my next appointment. It has been three days since my facial and my skin feels like I just had a facial!

Carolyn Bair, Wellsboro  PA

I work very hard for my money and was very skeptical on how this facial could be worth the money.  I thought this type of thing is only for the "professional" woman, not one who doesn't dress up for work, mucks the barn, and whose feet see heels once or twice a year.  I am 56 and have been feeling a little "frumpy".  If you're thinking that way as well...then listen up!  I decided that I pamper my kids, grand kids, husband, and all of my animals so now it was time for me to get a little pampering.  It was amazing!  The atmosphere was luxurious, the scents were calming, and Margaret is so sweet and a wealth of information that she is eager to share.  There is no pressure to purchase any products or future services, and you will leave eager for another visit.  My skin feels and looks better.  I feel that I can overcome that "frumpy" feeling now.  I made my next appointment before I left...I deserve it and you do too!
Jean Willcox, Gaines, PA

I had my first facial Sept 26, 2011. It was really an awesome first experience. My concern was to get some good skin care from someone who knows. I am getting older and I am concerned about skin damage in and of itself. I want to tell you that my facial was totally customized for my skin. The whole experience was very relaxing.  And, Mrs Landis is very passionate about her work. I am so happy about my results just after one treatment! I have already made another appointment.  I will definitely continue coming to her for my facials.

Tersa Ann Sherman, Wellsboro, PA

I've made several visits to Eye Look Good skin care studio, and all have been most pleasant. Margaret takes her profession seriously, and her personality makes each visit a joy. I've already seen great improvement in the condition of my skin after just two facials. I'm impressed that it's all customized just for my type of skin. The facials combined with Elina Organics product line has cleared up my acne quite a bit. I'm very pleased so far and I'm looking forward to seeing even more improvement with continued treatment!

Chelsea MacUmber, Mansfield, PA

What would you think of having a relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating vacation experience without even having to pack? That is how I think of my "facial time" with Margaret at her beautiful studio. I look forward to the aromas, the calming music, her sweet spirit, and the wonderful feeling I have after one of her incredible facials! I am 60 years old, and my face is a testament to those years. Margaret has given my "presentation to the world" (my face) a fresher, happier outlook. I think everyone would truly appreciate a gift to themselves in the form of a special facial. Her techniques are so individualized that your treatment will be different from anyone else!  Give yourself a furlough, and schedule an appointment on a routine basis. You'll have to schedule around me though, as I intend to continue with my regular facials! If you meet someone with a special glow .....that's ME after a little "microdermabrasion"! I'm also going to have "Extreme Lashes" applied! I will be glowing and fluttering my beautiful lashes! I can't wait! 

Barb Condon, Painted Post, NY

Margaret, I want to give you a thousand thanks for doing such a marvelous job. The atmosphere was very relaxing. You have perfect hands for giving massages. You're very gentle and considerate when doing your job. The truth is that I could recommend you to anyone because you work in a very professional manner. I enjoy feeling my face every day, since I can feel the difference from how my skin was before. Hope you have many more clients and I'm sure you will.

Beatriz Castano, Ocala, FL

I never knew that a facial could be such a spa experience. Margret is very enthusiastic and professional. She customizes a facial for your unique skin, which impressed me. From the amazing and exotic scents to the therapeutic massage the whole experience was fantastic. I will come again as soon as I can.

Shannon Ford, Uganda Africa

What a relaxing, pampering experience! Margaret went over and above what I expected to get in a facial. She really took her time with me, personalizing my skin care. My skin looked MUCH better and felt great! I can't wait to go back.

Kristina Muirhead, Wellsboro, PA